The Northern Ireland same-sex marriage bill should be a call to arms for equality campaigners

The day of the Northern Ireland same-sex marriage bill began with a gathering of MPs and supporters from across parties for a photo call to show their support for the bill.This was a happy gathering with supporters sharing their optimism and offering their support and best wishes to Conor McGinn for the introduction of his bill later that day. Conor made a powerful, humorous and emotive speech in support of his bill which passed unanimously with the DUP MPs in Parliament not even showing their faces in the chamber when the bill was read.Conor’s bill is a Ten Minute Rule Bill. This type of bill is a method by which MPs can introduce legislation into the House of Commons. If it passes the first stage, as Conor’s bill has today, it is considered to have passed its first of three required readings. The second is scheduled for May 11.

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