Same-Sex marriage have gone viral again on Social Media

Once more another wedded couple Saiful Islam and Faysal Hossain Onik have gone viral on social media platform similar to the first gay couple Shahadat Hossain and Masud Rana. Though there is an average 220 000 wedding taking place every year in England and Wales whereas only 15000 same-sex marriages since 2014 have been registered.

Negative media exposure to these wedding is demotivating the LGBT couples to come forward in countries where gay marriage is legal. Even the government of countries is making a statement in defence of these wedding. Last year the Hong Kong government has argued in court that allowing gay couples to wed would “dilute and diminish” marriage and make it “no longer special”.

Saiful and Onik’s story is not different from any other gay couple. They are also LGBT activist fighting for LGBT rights for a very long time. They are among those 25thousand active supporters from the famous online page ‘Boys love World 71’.

The couple is from East London where a major portion of the population is Muslim and doesn’t believe in gay rights or homosexuality, though Saiful and Onik were extremely happy with their future in East London. They are from Bangladesh where the legal penal code 377 system states the strict prohibition of same-sex relationships if the law is broken anyone can get jail time of maximum 10 years or a huge fine; though this the harassment and abuse from society is another part of daily life.

The newly wedded couple is planning to take the fight for LGBT rights internationally and expressed that they will not stop until every single country approves and passes Same-Sex Marriage Act.


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