Bangladesh: You Don’t Have to Change, for when has repealing anti-LGBT laws ever concerned you

By, Zobair Hossain, London

It would be unfair to state that Bangladesh’s recent deterioration as a habitable place for human beings, is down just to its outdated policy and an extreme allergy to change or incremental evolution.

It is down to the people, which extends to those who govern the people and then to those that influence the administration. After all, such a spectacular fall to grace in the aftermath of glorious Independence, cannot simply be chalked up to incompetence in the part of politicians and policymakers. We, after all, tend to bet on the same old dogs every 4 years or so in our country.

Yes, the wound runs deeper, it has a rotten core with religion at the heart of it. You may ask, why is it that India was able to achieve the incredible feat of honoring its minority LGBT citizens? No, wait, scratch that, WHY is it that we have not followed suit?

Isn’t India scathingly touted as our biggest influencers, accused by commoners as silent invaders of Bangladesh, or those “who are really running our country”? If so, why are we not following them, even giving them our seal of approval?

Because religion has corrupted our minds, and to be frankly corrupted the minds of Muslims all over the world. We will not learn from communities who have opened up to the fact that the world is changing and that you would need to change with it. As a nation, we are incapable of paying attention to logic and reasoning behind granting someone their right to love with the freedom and without fear of prejudice.

Because as an Islamic nation we pride ourselves of being part of a greater caliphate (as most hard-core Islamists, fundamentalists will claim, with the Saudi Arabia and the Middle East at the center). And we tend to follow the way the stone roles in our own kingdoms, not fearful but downright reluctant to justify standing up to a religion built from scratch using barbaric and outdated notions. And we only pay attention to when our “brothers” from other parts of the caliphate do something commendable, much like Brunei who recently introduced “death by stoning” as a form of punishment for homosexuality/bisexuality 

So well done to the government of Brunei to provide Bangladesh with enough reason to keep justifying its hostility towards the LGBT community, for another 100 years. And lastly well done to India, who although were level with us at the start of our journey as a young nation, are pulling ahead in leaps and bounds, leaving us in the dust to rot.

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